Site’s Objective

As you already know about me, and what makes me qualified to be a Newsguy (don’t call me “journalist” – I am underqualified!)

My intention for this site is for people…

  • Adult fans of Lego – to further build their stuff with more realistic newsgathering gear for their fellow minifigure
  • College students – that would rather use Lego for newsgathering content creation to build on their resume
  • Career switchers – ones who are either pivoting into journalism or leaving it to another carreer
  • Those who use Lego as a hobby and you want to do a better job at producing content with minifigs no matter what profession you’re in

The site focuses on

  • Objectifying Objects: instead of people posting photos of women in a degrading fashion, I objectify things like graphics packages, theme packages, and maybe talk in similar fashion – but these are real objects
  • For the Love of ENG – the longtime workflow for Electronic News Gathering, the concepts of live shots, taped, and away from the cinema
  • Education of Local Media (that is local radio and TV stations)
  • Education of Content of Local Media: Never say “Local News Station”, local media should be more than just the 6 O’Clock news. There is other content local media can do, like Great Day, People are Talking, In Focus, Chronicle At Issue, etc.
  • And a focus on radio too. Lets not forget those hard working on air journalists who are also mini engineers!

Over time the site will have a mix of Lego (as a learning guide) and my typical aircheck, montages, and opinions on graphics and theme packages.