Minifig News Resume

BCOP-TV Copenhagen 2015-2019 (and 2021 to present)

BCOP-TV was going through major change in it’s identity, after a year of clunky, and uncharacteristic branding. In late 2014, BCOP-TV started using it’s calls and branded BCOP 6 – Standing for Copenhagen, based loosely after KHOU-TV in Houston, as it’s Belo Corp days were gone. The idea was to revere-engineer it’s super-sexy graphics and the Belo spirit to Copenhagen.

BCOP Radio (2017 – Present)

I am sometimes heard by ABS figurines, and have done a number of fill-in roles from that time to present. This was around the time I would attend my first NAB Show and had a natural interest in producing and being a talent.

My first broadcast was in March of 2017, after building a newsroom computer system, that wasn’t even close to iNews quality, and an audio workflow that was bad. The first day technical problems flew left and right… and in fact a man named Sean Spicer helped save my shift, when he had a White House Presser around noon Eastern Time. For those 20 minutes; I was able to regather the rundown.

Since then significant improvements to the system I built in my media room at home has made all productions much smoother than when I started from scratch in 2014.

Digital One News (DNO) – 2020

After disagreements with BCOP Management, I went to help build a Lego studio and a news operation, built for and solely for streaming. Digital One News, was based on the primary DSL Internet service by Old World Communications, a half-baked Bell Operating company in the minifig world. Like Fios News 1, DNO was basically streaming only.  DNO was also introduced in the metro region of Miniland, 100 miles south. Also, DNO was rolled to other Minfiig parts of the world.


DNO Launched on September 1st, 2020 in the midst of COVID 19.

BCOP Newsradio 990 – 2021 – present

The radio side allowed me to do an overnight shift on the Daylight Saving Morning of March; and tentatively  use my journalistic curiosity to do a tech show on Saturday Mornings from 2:00 to 4:00 pm US Eastern Time. While I have no interest in technology either in IT or high tech per se, the program will be a call in, and Traffic &  Weather Every 15 Minutes and I’ll provide the Top 3 stories at 13 & 43 after the hour.  The newswheel isn’t totally being reinvented 🙂