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Hi! I am Steven, how are you!

I am The @MinifigNewsguy!

I love to shoot 29fps or greater with Minifigures with super sexy graphics and animation with kickass theme packages.  I also have collected airchecks in my native Boston DMA. And love vintage airchecks on YouTube. Here politics can back off!

I am not an Adult Fan of Lego or AFOL. Most AFOLers can’t tell from an ENG camera to a film camera; never mind the diff between a ENG van vs. “satellite truck” nor do they give a damn!

I love to make a small, and non intrusive community of Lego and broadcasting and how many AFOLs miss it and how stop-motion filming is so lousy. 

I looovvvee to do motion graphics and listen to some kickass theme packages.

Who doesn’t love a thrill of shoot, edit and air? Everyone loves to film and be so dramatic!